Plastic Busters Cap in Taranto (Italy) celebrates the WorldCleanup Day on 16 September


Plastic Busters team celebrates on 16 September in Taranto the World Cleanup Day (WCD), the largest civic action for cleaning up and mapping waste to tackle pollution, developed by the NGO 'Let's Do It!' and currently actively involving more than 191 countries.

The project team, lead by Legambiente Taranto local section, will take part in the event "Sentinels of the Sea", a beach clean-up day to celebrate the European Interreg Cooperation Day and the fight against marine pollution for the protection of the Environment. The event is organized by Interreg Aether project, funded by Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Programme in cooperation with Strategic Regional Agency for the Ecosustainable Development of the Territory (ASSET Puglia) and the Region of the Ionian Islands in Greece.

A macro awareness-raising action starting from the shores of Puglia (Taranto) and reaching the nearby shores of the Greek island of Zakynthos, will create an ethical motion able to transcend national borders and unite citizens, associations, economic operators and public bodies under the one big banner of cooperation.

Two project and two European Programme with the common goal to protect the sea from the plastic and microlitter pollution: only through cooperation projects, by sharing sea preservation strategies and concrete protection actions, it could be possible to achieve long-term and concrete results.

Free participation after registration at this link.