CRE@CTIVE in Tunisia: working together to create innovation in the textile and leather sector


The Mediterranean Days of the CRE@CTIVE project, organized by the Monastir-El Fejja Competitiveness Pole (MFCPOLE) in collaboration with the Tunisian Association of Textile Researchers (ATCTex), was a great event aimed at fostering innovation and promoting traditional sectors in the Mediterranean region. This three-day event, held from 11th to 13th July 2023, brought together various stakeholders, including researchers, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and government officials, to encourage collaboration and leverage FabLabs to achieve innovation and enhance business competitiveness.


The event began with introductory words from Mr Jalel Ben Haj Khalifa, the Director General of MFCPOLE, followed by a speech by Mr Mondher Sik Ali, the Governor of Monastir. The venue for the event was the Neotex Technopark in Monastir, and it was attended by prominent figures such as Mrs Rim Said, Director General of the Valorization of Scientific Research at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Mr Saber Ben Kileni, Director General of the Textile and Cover at the Ministry of Industry, Mines.


The project lead beneficiary, AITEX's representatives Maria Del Mar Blanes and Eric Macias Simeon, presented an overview of the CRE@CTIVE project, its objectives, and achievements and the network of FabLabs established in five Mediterranean countries: Spain, Italy, Egypt, Palestine, and Tunisia. A highlight of the day was the visit to Techno-L@B, the fablab of the Neotex Technopark Entrepreneurial Factory, which showcased the facilities and services available to participants.


A panel discussion focused on the pivotal role of FabLabs in driving innovation and boosting business competitiveness in the Mediterranean region. The managers of the five labs presented their respective Fab-L@B sites, activities, services, and available prototyping equipment. Engaging discussions took place on the economic models adopted by each lab.



Day one also featured the presentation of the FI@CTIVE tool, a diagnostic tool developed as part of the CRE@CTIVE project to analyze the financial strategies of companies in the T&L (Textile and Leather) sector in the Mediterranean region. This presentation, led by IVACE's Roberto Algarra and Rafael Lacasa, shed light on the tool's capabilities and potential impact.


The day concluded with an exhibition of innovative projects in the Textile and Leather sector, showcasing not only projects supported by CRE@CTIVE but also projects from the Nutriex Technopark Entrepreneurial Factory and young entrepreneurs at the national level.



On the second day, participants had the opportunity to visit three national companies that play significant roles in their respective sectors. The third and final day was a consortium meeting, where partners had the opportunity to review the project's achievements and discuss preparations for the closing conference, scheduled to take place in Jordan in September.



The Mediterranean Days of the CRE@CTIVE project in Tunisia brought together stakeholders from different sectors and countries to foster collaboration and promote innovation. With the support of FabLabs and the development of tools like Fictive, the project aims to revitalize traditional industries in the Mediterranean region and create a more competitive and sustainable future. By encouraging such initiatives, the CRE@CTIVE project paves the way for stronger partnerships and economic growth in the region.