Tunisia: CRE@CTIVE project successfully completes training cycle in Tunisia in business development, communication, and marketing


The CRE@CTIVE project successfully concluded its training cycle organized by the Monastir-El Fejja Competitiveness Pole (MFCPOLE). The goal of the training courses was to empower and provide essential skills to pilot project promoters for their entrepreneurial journey. The comprehensive training sessions, spanning over six months, covered business development, communication, and marketing.

The training cycle started in December 2022 and spanned over six months, with one training session per month. It began with a focus on emotional intelligence, laying the foundation for subsequent courses. Participants learned about understanding and managing emotions, building relationships, and collaborating effectively, which were emphasized as vital for success. The training provided valuable insights and practical techniques to enhance their emotional intelligence, enabling them to navigate challenges and thrive as entrepreneurs. The final training session on Neurolinguistic Programming took place on May 4 and 5, 2023.

Effective communication and marketing strategies were key aspects of the training. Recognizing the importance of engaging and understanding customers, participants learned to adapt to diverse customer profiles and identify their needs. They also acquired skills to manage stress and communicate efficiently under pressure, establishing stronger connections with their target audiences.

The training cycle specifically catered to the teams of three pilot projects subsidized under CRE@CTIVE. Project developers received invaluable support and guidance from M. Sami Bdira, an entrepreneurial expert and coach recruited for the project. Bdira provided personalized assistance in implementing projects and manufacturing prototypes.

The CRE@CTIVE project aims to facilitate the growth and success of these innovative ventures by equipping project developers with a diverse range of skills and techniques. The training cycle empowered participants to refine their business strategies, effectively market their products, and establish efficient communication channels with their target audience. This comprehensive approach from project management to team leadership enhances their chances of long-term success.

As the CRE@CTIVE project continues to empower entrepreneurs and drive innovation, the training cycle serves as a stepping stone toward achieving their goals. The knowledge and skills acquired during the training sessions will enable project developers to navigate the competitive business landscape with confidence and adaptability. By equipping them with the necessary tools and fostering a culture of continuous learning, the CRE@CTIVE project lays the groundwork for sustainable economic growth and a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.