CRE@CTIVE: Throwback to the 7 NET-L@B workshops in Egypt's clothing and textile industry


In today's world, where sustainability and innovation hold increasing significance, Egypt's clothing and textile industry is taking proactive steps. CRE@CTIVE Egypt: NET-L@B, one of the CRE@CTIVE project's six creative labs, organised a series of workshops aimed at promoting sustainable practices and growth in the textile, clothing, leather, and footwear sectors. These workshops, designed to educate and inspire micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), have generated considerable interest among those seeking to enhance their products and processes while facilitating knowledge exchange between industry experts and MSMEs.


1. "Introduction to the Knitting Industry and Sustainable Trends": April 13th, 2023

Dr Alaa Badr Arafa, a professor from Alexandria University, conducted a session shedding light on Egypt's knitting industry and the latest sustainable trends. Going beyond conventional applications, this workshop explored eco-friendly fibres and innovative designs, instilling a sense of creativity while emphasizing the significance of sustainable practices.


2. "Fiber Textiles, Eco-textile Trends, and Sustainability for MSMEs": April 6th, 2023

Dr Ahmed Hassanin, an associate professor from the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, conducted a session on fibre textiles. With a focus on sustainability, this workshop delved into the latest trends and enlightened MSMEs on leveraging natural fibres in the industry.


3. "The Egyptian Chamber of Apparel and Home Textiles (ECAHT): Unlocking Services": March 28th, 2023

Dr Mohamed Abdelsalam, Chairman of the Apparel Chamber, and Dr Hany Kadah, Executive Director at ECAHT, introduced MSMEs to the valuable services offered by the Egyptian Chamber of Apparel and Home Textiles. By highlighting mentoring and funding opportunities, the workshop emphasized the chamber's commitment to empowering businesses and fostering growth in Egypt's beautiful coastal regions.


4. "Fashion Design Center: The Confluence of Creativity and Sustainability": March 19th, 2023

Fashion transcends mere trends; it is a medium for expressing individuality and making a positive impact. Dr Aida Zayed, Executive Director of the Fashion, Jewellery, and Leather Design Center, presented the centre's history and its collaboration with the textile, clothing, footwear, and leather industry. With a strong emphasis on sustainable fashion, this workshop showcased how creativity and environmental consciousness can coexist harmoniously.


5. "Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma: Enhancing Efficiency":` March 6th, 2023

Excellence in the fashion industry is not a result of chance but rather efficient processes. Prof. Dr Sherine Nabil Al-Kateb, an expert in weaving and spinning from Alexandria University, unravelled the secrets behind lean manufacturing and Six Sigma principles. By exploring waste reduction and quality enhancement, this workshop empowered MSMEs to revolutionize their operations, enabling the creation of precise and efficient products.


6. "Resource Efficiency and Circular Production: Embracing Sustainable Solutions": February 19th, 2023

Sustainability is not a mere buzzword; it represents a way of life. Prof. Dr Ahmed Kadri, a professor and engineer from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, shed light on the importance of resource efficiency and circular production. Through the adoption of innovative approaches aimed at waste reduction and optimal resource utilization, MSMEs discovered the path to environmentally conscious and economically viable fashion.


7. "Access to Finance: Facilitating Dreams": February 7th, 2023

The world of fashion teems with unrealized dreams, often hindered by financial barriers. Mrs Rehab Mohamed Aly, a financial expert, and Mr Mohamed Ahmed Gad, a corporate team leader, addressed the challenges faced by MSMEs in accessing financial support. By highlighting existing programs and providing guidance, this workshop equipped entrepreneurs in the textile, leather, and footwear sectors with the means to lessen their financial burdens in the industry.

The workshops organized by CRE@CTIVE Egypt: NET-L@B have stimulated creativity among MSMEs by exploring the potential of knitting and eco-textile trends while providing access to essential services. Moreover, by emphasizing resource efficiency, lean manufacturing, and circular production, the workshops have laid the groundwork for a more sustainable and prosperous fashion industry in Egypt. Additionally, these workshops have facilitated networking opportunities for participants, enabling them to connect with key speakers and industry professionals who can offer valuable support for their businesses. With knowledge sharing, the workshops have transformed the dreams of fashion entrepreneurs into tangible realities, fostering growth and contributing to the future development of Egypt's fashion sector.