Renewable Energy and Resource Efficiency: See what the beneficiaries of the B2B event for MAIA-TAQA project in Lebanon have to say about it.


The recent MAIA-TAQA B2B event organized by the Lebanese partner  The Euro Lebanese Centre for Industrial Modernisation (ELCIM) at the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) proved to be a significant success, enabling the beneficiary's brand to reach a highly targeted audience and facilitating interactions with more than 200 decision-makers in the Resource Efficiency sector

Here are some highlights from the event:

Showcasing the Product or Service:

More than 9 beneficiaries from Lebanon and Greece had the opportunity to showcase their innovative product or service at the MAIA-TAQA B2B event, which spanned across three days. This dedicated exhibition allowed them to present their offerings to a diverse and engaged audience, including the honorable Minister of Industry George Bouchikian who visited the Maia-Taqa booth and engaged with the beneficiaries, industry experts, potential customers, and key stakeholders.

Connection and Exchange of Best Practices:

The event fostered the exchange of best practices during a dedicated session enabling the beneficiary to present their company mission and solutions in front of other like-minded individuals and companies in the field of renewable energy. 

Tailored Matchmaking Sessions:

The beneficiary participated in tailored matchmaking sessions, carefully curated based on their specific needs. These sessions facilitated connections with potential investors, partners, mentors, suppliers, and other relevant stakeholders. By engaging in one-on-one meetings, the beneficiary had the opportunity to explore strategic alliances and collaborations that could further enhance their business prospects.

Overall, the MAIA-TAQA B2B event proved to be a highly beneficial and fruitful experience for the beneficiary.

You can check their feedback and review with this link