Fostering Innovation and Collaboration: The TECHLOG Project Empowers Trainers for Mediterranean Transformation


The TECHLOG Project, under the ENI CBC MED Programme, held a Training of Innovation Trainers event at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce on the 21st and 22nd of May 2023. The training aimed to equip participants with skills in technology transfer and innovation, fostering collaboration across the Mediterranean region. Led by project partner, Escola Europea's, Paula Baltar and Josep Miro from NextStopLabs, the two-day program explored key concepts and challenges in logistics innovation.

TECHLOG's Training of Innovation Trainers offered a comprehensive package for EU-Med (trans)port organizations, enterprises, and research institutions. The goal was to facilitate innovation transfer by providing practical training and promoting the adoption of new technologies and business models.

Participants engaged in discussions on innovation's systematic process, including planning, concept development, design, prototyping, innovation design, and commercialization. The training stressed the importance of real-life testing and addressed challenges faced by SMEs in adopting new technologies. Living labs were identified as vital spaces for collaboration, emphasizing trust, sharing, relationships, and transparency. Governance strategies and innovation rooms were highlighted for effective stakeholder collaboration.

The training also emphasized the need for an innovation platform to facilitate information sharing, track project progress, clarify roles, and encourage idea exchange and post-event results. A dedicated team would manage the platform, ensuring its relevance and functionality.

The TECHLOG Project's Training of Innovation Trainers event at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce provided valuable insights into technology transfer and innovation. By equipping participants with essential skills, the project aims to drive innovation across the Mediterranean. The training emphasized practical application, collaboration in living labs, and the importance of an innovation platform. With these initiatives, the TECHLOG Project seeks to foster sustainable innovation and economic growth in the region.