NAWAMED trains more than 30 participants on designing nature-based solutions


The University of Jordan, in cooperation with IRIDRA, the technical partner of NAWAMED, organised a two-day technical training at the University of Jordan on 8-9 May 2023.

The training was attended by more than 30 participants with different skills and knowledge, including managers, researchers, engineers, architects from local public institutions, companies, NGOs and water utilities.

At the beginning of the first day, Eng. Riccardo Bresciani gave a training on the operation and maintenance of nature-based solutions to the staff of the engineering department. The day also included presentations by local experts on water resources and management for urban use in Jordan, in addition to the legal framework for urban use of non-conventional water resources (NCWR).

Furthermore, the training included different modules presented by IRIDRA experts; Mr. Giulio Conte gave a presentation on Module 1 "New approaches to urban water management: non-conventional water resources (NCWR) and sustainable sanitation". On the other hand, Eng. Riccardo Bresciani spoke on Module 2 "Overview of NBS for NCW: services, added value, costs and impacts".

At the end of the first day, the participants had the opportunity to visit the NAWAMED Green Wall at the University of Jordan (Al-Zahra'a Dormitory) in the presence of IRIDRA experts and representatives of the contractor. 

On the second day of the training, Eng. Riccardo Bresciani presented Module 3 "Technical Design of Constructed Wetlands (CW) and Living Green Walls (LGW): Main parameters, limitations, models, examples". Furthermore, the training included a practical session where the participants were divided into four groups to form multidisciplinary teams to give them the opportunity to design NBS technologies. At the end of the training, each working group presented the results of the exercise.

Attending the NAWAMED Technical Training was a great learning experience, it was extremely helpful, was able to pack a lot of information into 2 days.

The trainers were knowledgeable and the presentations were varied and covered a wide range of resources, including the criteria for designing and implementing nature-based solutions, applying the basic principles of designing nature-based solutions for grey water treatment. It was also a great opportunity to interact with participants from different professions and backgrounds.