GIMED: Tunisian startup "Vita Vie" contributes in reducing wool waste


Vita Vie, a Tunisian startup, has participated in the EU-funded ENI CBC MED GIMED program, which aims to support and finance innovative projects in the Medditerranean area. Viktoria Danilko, the entrepreneur behind this project,  shares her experience with us.

Vita Vie is a center for valorization of wool, where rural women are trained on how to re-use wool. According to Viktoria, “The impact of our project on society has been significant, both socially and environmentally”.

Before joining GIMED, Viktoria was planning her project. However, with the support of the program and its partner in Tunisia, the Confederation of Citizen Enterprises (CONECT), she was able to develop her business plan and get the boost she needed to launch her startup in the textile crafts sector. “One of the key takeaways that I got from GIMED was how to develop a strong business plan and present it to investors,” she said.

Being located in a rural area, Viktoria faced some obstacles in producing and promoting her products in other states of the country. However, as the project grew, she was able to establish strong partnerships and, with GIMED’s support, secure funding to expand her business. She received a grant of 7500 euros, which allowed her to invest in new equipment and machinery, and hire more staff.



Vita Vie’s success shows that with the right support and training, small startups in rural areas can definetely have a significant impact on society and the environment. Through their work, they are not only helping to reduce waste and promote sustainable practices but also empowering women in their communities.

In conclusion, Vita Vie is an inspiring example of how innovative startups can make a positive impact, both locally and globally. With more initiatives like GIMED to support and finance these projects, we can look forward to a more sustainable and equitable future.