TRANSDAIRY shines at INTECMED ENI CBC MED Expo-Conference: Showcasing Innovative Bio-Nanotechnologies & ICT Projects for the Dairy Value Chain


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, innovative solutions are required to address the pressing issues of our time. In Tunisia, the TRANSDAIRY Living Lab of the Higher School of Engineers of MEDJEZ EL BAB (ESIM) is boldly promoting innovation and technology transfer in the dairy value chain.

Recently, the Living Lab participated in the INTECMED ENI CBC MED expo-conference event, presenting cutting-edge Bio-Nanotechnologies & ICT projects to potential investors, business partners, and industry professionals. The event was a resounding success. The TRANSDAIRY ESIM Living Lab showcased the exceptional projects of six researchers who had won grants for prototype, co-patent, and co-publications.


Each entrepreneur presented their unique triumphs, highlighting the TRANSDAIRY project’s role in empowering their skills in entrepreneurship and developing their projects. From bio-nanotechnology solutions for dairy production to ICT applications for dairy value chain management, the Living Lab's projects were at the forefront of innovation in Tunisia.


The event was an excellent opportunity for the Living Lab's researchers to establish new partnerships and collaborations, cementing their role as a hub for innovation and technology transfer in Tunisia. As the TRANSDAIRY Living Lab looks to the future, it is clear that it will continue to promote innovation and technology transfer, working towards a brighter, more sustainable future for the dairy industry and beyond.

The TRANSDAIRY ESIM Living Lab's participation in the INTECMED ENI CBC MED expo-conference event was a testament to its commitment to innovation and technology transfer. The success in showcasing cutting-edge Bio-Nanotechnologies & ICT projects to a diverse audience is a reminder that bold solutions are necessary to meet the challenges of the modern world.


With the ESIM TRANSDAIRY Living Lab at the forefront, there is every reason to be optimistic about the future of the dairy industry in Tunisia and beyond.