FISH MED NET in Italy takes part in blue skills and jobs conference


FISH MED NET representative from Legacoop Agroalimentare, Italian partner of the project, participates at the conference Blue Skills & Jobs: Guiding future professions within the fishery supply chain to be held in Spazio Europa on the 11th May 2023 in Roma, Italy. The main aim of this conference is to discuss and highlight the importance of investing and supporting the Blue economy.

The fisheries and aquaculture sector in Europe represents a component of fundamental importance for the livelihood of many coastal communities. It boasts historical, social and cultural traditions of great importance and favors the development of a healthy diet and psychophysical well-being. A sector whose professionalism and skills have always been handed down in the family for generations. However, a series of important factors (economic crisis, pandemic, fishing effort reduction policies,…) have alienated many workers and today, with an average age of the workforce hovering over 50 and low educational attainment, the sector is strongly threatened by the lack of qualified workforce and competent professionals who can direct strategies aimed at protecting and safeguarding the fish supply on European coasts.

In 2020, the European Commission launched the Skills Pact, the first flagship action of the European skills agenda with the aim of involving at least 60% of adults who participate in training every year by 2030. Legacoop Agroalimentare joined the European Pact for Skills, on the occasion of the establishment of the European Year for Skills 2023, and intends to pursue the commitment on the qualification, retraining and development of the skills of fishery and aquaculture operators.
The Conference Blue Skills & Jobs: guiding the professions of the future in the fish supply chain is mainly aimed at political decision-makers, managers, trainers, technicians, sectoral stakeholders (in the primary production sector, VET providers, educational institutions) and is aimed at highlighting risks and opportunities, stimulating reflections and an adequate comparison, aimed at building a concrete and real vision of the future.

Rome 11th of May, 2023
Spazio Europa,
Via Quattro Novembre 149, Rome, Italy

Event starts at 10.00 am
for more information please contact: - +39 06 4403147 - +39 0541 830442