TECHLOG Project Takes the Next Steps: Transforming Logistics and (Trans)port Sectors with Technological Innovation Throughout the Mediterranean


Technology is rapidly changing the world we live in and the logistics and (trans)port sectors are no exception. In its efforts to support the innovative transfer in the Logistics and (Trans)port Sectors, the TECHLOG consortium met in Livorno, Italy on the 28th and 29th of March 2023 for the 4th Steering Committee Meeting hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Maremma and Tirreno. The event brought together partners from Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Spain and Italy to discuss the TECHLOG project and the next steps to be taken in the implementation of technological and innovation transfer in logistics and (trans)port sectors.

Over the course of two days, the partners focused on the next steps needed to support the project, specifically the implementation of the Eastern and Western Living Labs actions. These Living Labs will involve companies, research centers, and all relevant stakeholders in cooperation activities, with local facilitators playing a crucial role in engaging and animating logistic and (trans)port actors interested in technological and innovation transfer.


The partners also discussed the upcoming Training of Trainers, which will take place in Livorno and Alexandria in May 2023. During this training, beneficiaries will be taught how to effectively transfer technological innovations in logistics and (trans)port sectors. The partners have decided to involve at least 2 people (1 man and 1 woman) from each company, as well as Living Lab local facilitators.

One of the highlights of the upcoming TECHLOG project is the SIL participation, an international event in the port and logistics sectors, taking place on 7th-9th June 2023 in Barcelona. During this event, the project partners will launch a simulation competition open to all attendees. In addition, there will be conferences to present TECHLOG and its innovations, B2B meetings, and capacity-building meetings to involve all the main public relevant stakeholders.

The final topic discussed by the partners was the implementation of pilot actions. The University of Cagliari and Arab Academy, supported by all partners, will define the mission(s) and topic(s) of the pilot actions in order to start testing with companies, institutions, and stakeholders involved in Living Labs.

To conclude the meeting, the hosting partner organized a dinner featuring typical fish dishes from the cuisine of Livorno. It was a great opportunity for partners to relax, network and discuss the exciting future of TECHLOG.

The TECHLOG project is an exciting initiative that aims to revamp logistics and (trans)port sectors with technological innovation. By supporting technological and innovation transfer, the project will help to create a more efficient, sustainable, and competitive future for logistics and (trans)port sectors. The partners are looking forward to the next steps of this exciting journey, with the 5th Steering Committee to be held in Barcelona next June.