An interesting discussion in the world cafe workshop that organized by CARISMED project in Athens

On 22/11/2022, the School of Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and the Centre for Renewable Energy Resources and Saving (CRES), implemented in a form of a workshop a “world café”, entitled: “SME’S clustering roadmaps and capacity building”, as part of the activities for the CARISMED project. The workshop aimed to collect data from SMEs working in the cultural and creative sectors on their networking methods and the integration of smart and sustainable practices in their operation and production. The collection of this data will form the basis of a framework for action to support and educate enterprises on sustainable practices. The workshop was attended by representatives of small and medium architectural firms, which was the sector selected by the Athens partners for the needs of the project, holding an open discussion with the participation of all parties involved in the NTUA and CRES research teams. The results and conclusions of this workshop will be synthesized in the drafting of a training plan for the participating firms and their employees, with an emphasis on clustering, networking, and sustainable practices as factors to enforce CCI SMEs against the challenges posed in environments of multiple crises.