TECHLOG Team Hosts Successful 5th Training and Exchange Forum for Logistics and Supply Chain Management


On April 5th, the TECHLOG team of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, College of International Transport & Logistics (CITL) organized an awareness event as part of the 5th Training and Exchange Forum for students and graduates. The event took place from 10 am to 1:30 pm at the College of International Transport and Logistics building and featured a diverse range of companies from the transportation, shipping, manufacturing, and freight forwarding sectors, operating both nationally and internationally.

The forum served as a hub and gathering point for academics, students, and companies in both the public and private sectors. The main objective of the forum was to provide training opportunities for college students and suitable employment opportunities for college graduates in the fields of logistics and supply chain management. Participating companies also had the opportunity to create a database of graduate data while students and graduates could determine the required skills and competencies by the logistics industry in the current digitalization era.

TECHLOG team made use of the presence of reputable industry representatives at the forum to raise awareness about the aims and objectives of the project, as well as to expose the project to academics and students.

Participating companies included:

  • Engineering for containers (SHIP & CREW)
  • AMIDEAST training center
  • Egyptian Businessmen Association
  • MESCO (Marine & Engineering Services Company)
  • STAR SHINE shipping and logistics Co.
  • NOSCO (National Transport & Overseas services Co.)
  • JOB NILE international recruitment and HR consultancy
  • MAHONY (Shipping & Marine Services)
  • EGYMAR for Shipping and Logistics services
  • Safety links for shipping & trade
  • THABET for transport & contracting
  • LATT Logistics
  • LIONS for professional logistics solutions
  • CLUE for consulting and business development
  • SPIRE Co.
  • Galina
  • TLS (total logistics solutions)
  • Lions Gardenia for special needs

The event yielded several outcomes, including the awareness of CITL students/graduates about TECHLOG project, the collection of contacts of students and graduates interested in participating in TECHLOG project and digitization in the field of logistics for future use, and the collection of contacts of the main companies in the field of logistics and supply chain management for future use. Additionally, the event served to raise awareness among companies in the field of logistics and supply chain at both levels (private and public sector) about the aims and objectives of the TECHLOG project.

The TECHLOG team's efforts to organize such an event showcase the importance of connecting academia, students, and industry in order to better prepare the next generation of logistics and supply chain professionals for the challenges of the digitalization era. The training and employment opportunities provided by the forum are crucial for the success of the industry and the economy as a whole. By bringing together various entities in the logistics and supply chain field, the TECHLOG team has taken a significant step in promoting collaboration and building partnerships that will drive the industry forward.