Med4Waste plans its mentoring scheme activities, project roadmap, and visits a local waste management facility in Lebanon


During the second in-person technical committee meeting of the Med4Waste project, held on 21st February 2023 at the American University of Beirut (AUB), partner organisations discussed a range of topics and plans aimed at promoting sustainable waste management governance and practices across the Mediterranean countries as part of the project objectives.

The meeting began with presentations from each project partner, followed by a discussion of the project roadmap for the last six months and the logistics for the upcoming period. The partners also discussed the project's communication activities and awareness-raising campaigns, including the selection of activities, timelines, and campaign objectives. A major update included the finalisation of Med4ZeroWaste, the project's waste management Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which is in the final phase before being published online. Additional details about the course will be shared in the next month on Med4Waste online channels.

Other topics discussed included the upcoming capitalisation conferences, updates on the project business platform, and a capitalised projects catalogue. The partners outlined the activities for the mentoring schemes and the preparation of developing waste management plans for six Mediterranean municipalities. They have already finalised the selection of municipalities and will start their programme in April. On the side of the technical committee meeting, partners have also been introduced with two Lebanese municipalities participating in the mentoring scheme.

The meeting also provided an opportunity for partners to exchange knowledge and experiences regarding waste management processes in the Mediterranean region. They visited the AUB Sustainable Campus and Bi Clean waste management facility in Bickfaya, which is supported by CLIMA, one of Med4Waste's capitalised projects. The partners learned about the challenges in Lebanon and how these innovative efforts are working to overcome them.


Representatives from each project partner organisation participated, including Beta Tech Centre, MedCities, MIO-ESCDE, BusinessMed, EDAMA Association, COSPE, and the host partner, AUB.