TRANSDAIRY is looking for a creative web developer in lebanon


TRANSDAIRY intends to enhance technology transfer among research, industry and SMEs in the fields of Key Enabling Technologies (KET) applied to the Dairy Value Chain.

To do so, Living Labs were established to increase institutional capacity through formative sessions, focus groups; brokerage events ( at both national and international levels) and specialized trainings targeting 35% women, 35% younger than 35 years, to learn about entrepreneurship, KETs and SMEs, the changing regulatory and socio- economic landscape, risks/potential occasions of DVC, how to create a company, a business plan, management, administrative tasks, etc.

Therefore, TRANSDAIRY is inviting suitably qualified, experienced web developer/institutions who wish to apply develop a dedicated landing page for TRANSDAIRY project in The Euro Lebanese Centre for Industrial Modernisation (ELCIM) website that will serve as a tool to implement the different calls of the project (demonstrators, co-patents, co-publications and spin-offs) within the activities of the living labs

This interactive platform within ELCIM website will enhance the interconnection of the applicants of the calls with the living labs activities and also answer in a quick manner to their queries and even put them in direct contact with each other and thus capitalize on the project objectives. 

This will have additional and direct effect on the future sustainability of the living labs.

  • Area(s) of Expertise 


  1. Experience in web development  
  2. Experience in the back end cms that allow to manage content
  3. Experience in react nextjs 13 and Wordpress as a headless CMS technologies
  4. Experience in copywriting that will build a professional content for the landing page.


  • Duties and Responsibilities


The landing page should include:

  1. A clear CTA button that directs visitors to the application form of the different TRANSDAIRY calls available.
  2. A section dedicated to the living lab updates, deliverables and possible news of relevance and contributing to the public’s awareness.
  3. An interactive aspect that will allow visitors to ask questions and contact team members.


  1. Landing page development using the latest technologies of react nextjs 13 and Wordpress as a headless cms
  2. Backend cms that allow to manage content
  3. Dedicated professional copywriter that will build a professional content for the landing page.

Maintenance and support:

After delivery, the landing page will be maintained and supported on the following scope:

In case of malfunctioning or error, must fix all issues supported for 2 months for free starting from the delivery date till 2 months.

The developer should train the ELCIM team on all possible functionality so we can have full control of the landing page.

Upon this agreement, a professional copywriter will be dedicated for the landing page to maintain the content of the page for the first time. after delivering the page the client's responsibility is to maintain the content.

 The developer responsibility is to make sure that the site is functioning and it is working smoothly for the client. 

  1. The hosting plan and domain is not included for the landing page
  2. The startup plan is a fit for the current project.

Each project will have a private github repository, for code repository and documentation.


Payments will be executed based on submitted invoice and approval of TRANSDAIRY Lebanon project Director.  

  • How to apply

All the interested parties can submit a financial proposal in response to this term of reference.

On the basis of applications received and in compliance with the stated requirements the selection committee will evaluate all received applications and select the appropriate party based on the offer, and ability to fulfill requirements.

Interested applicants should fill in this application form and send their financial offer by email to or


The deadline for applications is 31st of March, 2023