Empowering youth in the Mediterranean region with ReSt@rts' Marketplace Platform


As the world continues to evolve, it's becoming more important to empower young people in the Mediterranean region, who are the future of the region. That's why the ReSt@rts project is focusing on Reinforcing Med Microfinance Network System for Start-ups. This innovative project is designed to help the youth excel by providing them with access to microfinance providers and helping them connect with potential investors.

Moreover, the ReSt@rts project is also working on a new Marketplace platform. This platform is designed to provide a digital space in which actors in the microfinance sectors can meet. The MarketPlace Platform (MP) allows entrepreneurs to showcase their projects and fundraise from investors with the option of flexible funding. Through this platform, the youth can discover new grants, loans, or equity opportunities and access P2P consultancy services that support beyond crowdfunding for project creators.

From the Microfinance promoters' perspective, the dedicated page for communicating specific funding programmes and posting funding opportunities, direct contact with would-be entrepreneurs and access to Technical Assistance for Microfinance Promoters is an added advantage.

This MP platform will not just be a tool for the ReSt@rts project, it will be an autonomous tool available to Euro-Mediterranean companies. The platform will continue operating even after the project ends, which means that it will continue to empower the youth and others in the region for a long time to come.

In conclusion, the ReSt@rts project is truly empowering the youth in the Mediterranean region in many ways. With its focus on the reinforcing Med Microfinance network, through activities like the creation of a Marketplace platform, and policy awareness networking events, the project partners are putting in place tools and resources that will help the youth forge their path to a brighter future.