Med4Waste mentoring scheme announces its final six selected Mediterranean cities


The Med4Waste project recently launched a call that targeted Jordanian, Lebanese, and Tunisian sub-national authorities to participate in a mentoring scheme aimed at enhancing their waste management systems. The scheme is designed to provide guidance and technical support to six sub-national public authorities responsible for planning, collecting, and managing waste in the Mediterranean region. The goal of this mentoring program is to improve or develop the integrated municipal waste management (IMWM) plans of these cities; help them implement a tailored supporting action that aligns with their plans; and promote the replication of successful actions being implemented in other projects from the ENI CBC-Med community through a twinning and exchange program. 

19 cities submitted the application process for the mentoring scheme. The selected cities are Greater Madaba and Berain from Jordan, M’Saken and Mahdia from Tunisia and Deir Qanon El Naher and Akkar Al-Atika from Lebanon. The mentoring scheme will provide these cities with valuable technical support and guidance on how to enhance their waste management systems.

The cities will benefit from the experiences of ENI CBC Med projects capitalised by Med4Waste, which will help them improve their IMWM plans and implement effective waste management strategies. They will learn the good practices of “Reuse Circuits” of different types of components from the REUSEMED project. The CLIMA project will also help them to understand how to successfully plan a Participatory Process for the city waste management system design. Through the MED-InA project, they will learn how to apply zero-waste policy guidelines in their context. Finally, those cities twinned with the DECOST project will understand how to implement a community composting system.

In addition to the mentoring support, Med4Waste will work directly with two Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) or start-ups in each of the six cities to develop innovative solutions to tackle the waste management challenges they face and bring a fresh perspective to the development of waste management solutions in the Mediterranean region.

Implementing these programs will have a promising impact on the environment and the local communities, and we look forward to seeing the positive results they bring.