SOLE energy talks in Italy: let's imagine tomorrow's public buildings together


What will public buildings be like in 2030? And in 2050? Will energy communities catch on? What are the main energy requalification opportunities for public buildings under the Italian National Recovery and Resilience Plan and the European funds? How is it possible to implement energy requalification interventions on historic public buildings, considering architectural and urban constraints? What are the most effective methods to encourage the virtuous behavior of users of public buildings to contain energy consumption?

These are just few of the questions that technicians, professionals and trade associations, institutions and policy makers will try to answer on Feb.22nd and Mar.24th 2023 in Florence, Italy, during the #SOLEenergyTALKS, two brainstorming meetings organized by Anci Toscana. The goal is to identify a common ground between technological solutions and the regulatory framework in order to facilitate the implementation of the necessary energy requalification interventions on public buildings to achieve the climate goals for 2030 and 2050.

Both meetings will be led by a facilitator and a designer: keywords and concepts will take the form of live sketches, diagrams and maps on a screen. Together we will design the sustainable building for the coming years and reflect on how to make it possible in the present.

The #SOLEenergyTALKS are carried out as part of SOLE, a project led by Anci Toscana, together with 10 partners, which aims at developing and implementing innovative / sustainable energy requalification strategies and interventions on public buildings in the Mediterranean. 
SOLE is co-financed by ENI CBC MED

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