The first press trip of the Med Pearls project in Catalonia generates interesting articles to promote Slow Tourism


As part of the goal to promote the Mediterranean region as an ideal destination to experience slow tourism, in November 2022 the Med Pearls organised the first press trip of the project. This one took place between the 26th and 29th of November and was joined by a group of French reporters who were enthusiastic to discover the different slow tourism destinations that Catalonia has to offer. The trip was organised with the help of the Catalan Tourism Board, the collaboration of different travel agencies that have created products in Catalonia for the project (Turismo Vivencial, Trek and Ride, Buena Ruta, Lleida i Tu, El Brogit and Travel Tec), and the assistance of the local tourism representatives of the three territories. the group was able to meet with local tourism service providers and live slow tourism experience first-hand.

In this one the group started visiting the county of Les Garrigues, where they had lunch with a wine producer that showcased works of art in their vines, and discovered a virgin oil producing company the following day. Then they travelled to Anoia, where they were they able to learn about the old industries of the region, like paper-mill production in Capellades, and also explore the contrasting landscapes of the territory with an e-bike tour that ended with a yoga session in Calaf. Lastly, they went to Ribera d'Ebre where the group visited the town of Miravet that has an impressive view of the river Ebro, and discovered its ceramic industry in a workshop with a local artist. 

The reporters valued the authenticity of the proposal and the chance to discover more about these unknown regions of Catalonia. They also enjoyed meeting with local companies and producers and found interesting to learn about their histories and the views they have on their territories. For example, they appreciated a young wine producer that took time-off to tell them about her initiation in the business and the challenges she has faced in order to keep it alive. Furthermore, they also liked the different slow tourism experiences lived, and agreed that the three regions visited present great tourism assets.

From all of this experiences, now the reporters have started to publish different articles in their respective media. These are important and relevant travel related media in France that inspire their readers on new destinations and adventures. The articles written are very interesting and relate the experiences leaved by the reporters in the destination. To find out more you can find them in the list below: 

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