MED-QUAD in Greece impulses positive changes in highlighting cultural heritage


The research and scientific team of the International Hellenic University, with the assistance of Epimorfotiki Kilkis sm LLC- partners of the MED-QUAD project, were trained for the use of specialized equipment (3d scanner) to realize the goals of the project. In the cave of Kilkis  the living lab operates (an open space for the public) for "Applied Research on Utilization of Cultural Heritage" (ARCHEO), and research is carried out to achieve one of the primary project's goals. 

The use of modern technologies will carry out research and scientific work in the cave of Kilkis. The living lab will highlight a remarkable attraction of Greece from a historical, cultural and tourist point of view. The first test imaging was made possible using the modern digital mapping camera, recently acquired by the implementation of MED-QUAD project. The research and scientific staff of the partners were trained on-site in the living lab to use the specialized equipment (MATTERPORT PRO2 3D photogrammetric camera) and the possibilities it offers. Now the training continues, to further explore and exploit the maximum potential of the scientific equipment. 

At the ARCHEO living lab in the cave of Ag. Georgiou in Kilkis, the research & scientific team works on the digital mapping of the cave that will lead to the creation of augmented and virtual reality visualization. This action will offer to the visitor the possibility to simulate the experience in the cave. Training on the equipment will provide to the research team the ability to enhance the whole visitor’s experience

The operation of the living lab constitutes the tangible approach of the Quadruple Helix Approach, putting into practice the participation and cooperation of the four main actors (i.e. universities, businesses, local government and society) to achieve an innovation environment adapted to the new digital age. The ARCHEO living lab in Kilkis collaborates with the living labs created by universities in Italy, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia, forming a physical and virtual space. In the living lab' area, with the demand for new products and services from all its stakeholder, the Quadruple Helix finds the right factors that push the local innovation potential of start-ups, SMEs, and female and youth entrepreneurship. 

The research and scientific team of the International Hellenic University, the MED-QUAD partner from Greece, are trained for the use of specialized equipment (3d scanner).