MED GAIMS in Lebanon releases promotional videos for the gamified experiences


Discover Lebanon’s history like never before” through gamification experiences in three different sites across the country. Curious to know more? The MED GAIMS team in Lebanon has released the official promotional videos for each one of the sites with the executed gamification experiences: Mseilha Fort, Fidar Tower, and Saida Castle.

All three of the promotional videos showcase a sneak peek of the sites, the different games implemented, the teams behind the games, along with reviews from game testers. The videos are available on YouTube in both English and Arabic.

The videos developed will not only give you an overview of the MED GAIMS project in Lebanon, but also motivate you to grab your family and friends, head to the sites, and test out the gamified experiences yourselves!

Mseilha Fort:
Fidar Tower:
Saida Castle:

The three sites are expected to start receiving visitors on the 1st of January 2023