FISH MED NET in Italy launches a call for tender for Product Temporary Managers



FISH MED NET was born from the experience of the previous READY Med Fish project, managed between the end of 2013 and the end of 2015 by the Legacoop Agroalimentare (Project Leader). The previous project was oriented more on a level of policy and the creation of a common understanding of the dynamics and guidelines for diversification. FISH MED NET, on the other hand, is more oriented towards a direct accompaniment to fishing companies to the diversification of activities.

The call for the Product Temporary Manager (PTM) is intended to cover the services in all three regions where the project is focused in (Liguria, Sardinia and Apulia). In general, the PTM will provide support to selected enterprises by delivering clear guidelines in order to support their business activities, as well as, other MSMEs in the fisheries sector under the four selected business model:

  1. Tourism,
  2. Aquaculture,
  3. Food sector, and
  4. Services to community.

More details and further instructions can be found can be found within the following document:


Deadline for all applications is January 7, 2023, 12:00 Rome, Italy time (CET)

  • Applications received past the deadline will not be considered.

Proposal submission

You can download the form to apply for this tender here 

All applications need to be submitted to: