INTECMED in Greece offers much more than just mentoring to young entrepreneurs


After the evaluation process of the 20 innovative ideas submitted and the selection of 12 of them, the mentorship programme for business ideas in Greece started in a hybrid way. The Achaia Chamber, aiming to make the INTECMED mentees feel like a team, invited them on Monday 31 October to meet them in person, interact with their mentors and have the first feedback on their participation in the personalized mentorship programs for business ideas that will lead to the Development of business plans and turn their business ideas into ready to market products or services.

The mentees were invited to briefly introduce themselves and share their first impression of their participation. According to their opinion, most of them see INTECMED as an opportunity to get to know each other and have access to collaboration with people and groups who can provide, through their experience, the necessary information to overcome the obstacles of everyday business life. They recognised as an outstanding asset that through INTECMED they have the opportunity to experience the business culture in other parts of the Mediterranean (i.e. Tunisia, Egypt) - thus creating a new challenge for them. Furthermore, the learners feel that there is a high level of innovation and entrepreneurship locally and the Achaia Chamber could play a leading role by giving them the support to adapt entrepreneurship to business needs.

In fact, as was mentioned, "the vision of the innovative commercial idea is much greater than the financial reward they are likely to get after the commercial award of the project".

Finally, they all agreed that it would be especially useful to hold informal meetings once a month to discuss and exchange ideas, outside of the mentoring programme, in an effort to build a team for more innovation and technology transfer in the Mediterranean.


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