iHERITAGE Spain invites you to the transnational Living Labs Session: "Gardens, Heritage and Dreams"

The iHERITAGE team is pleased to invite you to the “Transnational session” organized by ASCAME & El Legado Andalusi in the framework of Spain’s Living Labs.

The idea of this collaboration between the two Spanish partners taking part in the iHERITAGE project - Mediterranean Platform for UNESCO Cultural Heritage, is to share this knowledge with researchers, students, SMEs and institutions of other MED countries interested in the Cultural Heritage of the Mediterranean.

GOAL of this knowledge-sharing session:
To present the innovative elements (holography and 3D-virtual archaeological reconstruction) included in the exhibition “Gardens, Heritage and Dream”, by El Legado Andalusi Foundation.

This exhibition, which is the result of two research agreements signed by the “Legado Andalusí” with the School of Arab studies and the University of Granada, is running at present until December 2023.

During its presentation, the experts of the “Legado Andalusi Founbdation” will explain the immersive experience that this exhibition has prepared for visitors. They will have the opportunity to plunge, thanks to multi-screening, holographic devices, 360º videos and digital archaeological reconstructions, in the gardens of the Alhambra, the Generalife and the Albayzin, and will witness their historical evolution within the city of Granada and its surroundings. All this equipment will be combined with more traditional exhibition techniques such as the display of museum and archaeological pieces, graphics, etc.

WHEN? Next Wednesday 9th of November 2022

TIME? At 12:00 midday (Spain time, CET).


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ID meeting: 319 568 055 947
Code of access: Eg7xh2 

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