STAND Up!: We’re hiring a Communications & Marketing Agency to develop a campaign on sustainable textile in the Mediterranean!


Within the framework of the actions foreseen by project STAND Up!, the Prato Textile Museum Foundation, Italian partner responsible for project’s communication and capitalization activities with Lead Partner MedWaves, opened a call in Italy to select a Communications & Marketing agency/professionals aiming at implementing two important tasks: 

  • the design and the development of an articulated communication campaign dedicated to sustainability and circularity issues as the next frontier of the textile and fashion production and markets in the Mediterranean area (Sustainability Campaign).
  • the implementation and development of all the graphic and communication products foreseen by the Capitalisation Strategy approved within the STAND Up! partnership.

The initiated procedure is intended to collect tenders for the creation of communication, graphic and video products and services, according to the technical specifications and delivery timeline closely described in the related Tor of Reference and technical Annex available HERE (Italian language)

Please note:

  • All the products must comply in every aspect with the standards and characteristics relating to the Publicity Requirements indicated by the European Union in the ENI-CBC MED Programme.
  • All textual content must be developed exclusively in English language.
  • The selected agency/company will have to guarantee constant attendance at coordination and planning meetings at the Prato Textile Museum.


Tenders must be submitted via certified email (PEC) To by the 6th November 2022, specifying in the subject line the Agency/Company name - Offerta servizi per capitalizzazione e sustainalbility campaign progetto STAND Up! -.

For information and clarifications, please write to Filippo Guarini, Director of the Prato Textile Museum at