The “Play Alghero” MED GAIMS initiative in Italy has caught the attention of #GenerazioneBellezza, aNational Broadcast 'RAI' programme on culture and sustainable tourism


Alghero is the first city in Italy to boast a gaming infrastructure capable of projecting the territory and its beauty far beyond national borders, promoting innovative tourist experiences through gamification applied to cultural heritage. 

On the Coral Riviera, a magnificent summer ended in terms of attendance, with places of culture and museums and environmental attractions recording significant increases in visitor numbers. 

Still, thanks to innovative projects such as Play Alghero, the promotion continues. The system of ten games developed by the Fondazione Alghero with the participation of the Department of Architecture, Design and Urban Planning of the University of Sassari – Animazione Design Laboratory, young gaming enthusiasts and professionals, and cultural associations is powering the promotion tremendously. 

Over the past few days, the Play Alghero experience has been the subject of filming in the next edition of the RAI programme #GenerazioneBellezza by journalist - storyteller Emilio Casilini. The episode is dedicated to recounting the strong tourist and cultural value of the project coordinated by Fabio Viola, one of the leading experts in the sector, and how, through play, it is possible to tell the identity and history of the city by fostering experiences and interactions between residents and visitors. 

The programme, now in its third edition and on air on Rai 3 from March 2023, tells the projects and stories of people or communities that in different ways, through creativity and courage, innovate practices and ways of using their heritage, enhancing the territory of reference and the identities that make it up. 

The filming and testimonies, which saw the participation of representatives of the Alghero municipal administration, the Foundation and the Department of Architecture, cultural associations and classes from the primary schools, were filmed directly in the physical places in Alghero where it is possible to immerse oneself in playful experiences and discover the city: in the Torre San Giovanni for the interactive installation "Digital canvas", at the Archaeological Museum and the Nuraghe Palmavera for "CollezionAlghero", touring the historic centre following the "Playful itinerary" and other urban exploration experiences carried out as part of Play Alghero. 

This is an important opportunity to promote the city and the project, which will continue in the coming months with different initiatives: a programme of educational activities using the available games aimed at city and regional schools, plus the organization of a meeting scheduled for December dedicated to cultural and tourist operators interested in the application of gamification for cultural and environmental heritage.