RESTART MED! Organised a Sustainable Tourism Summit and created a Manifesto about better policies for tourism sustainability in the Med area


On 27th of September 2022, in conjunction with the United Nations World Tourism Day and in the beautiful city of Palermo, Italy, CISP organised a Sustainable Tourism Summit as a part of the RESTARTMED! Project activities.  

The Summit was an opportunity to gather the community and discuss together about two main crucial questions, related to sustainability in tourism: “How the tourism industry is moving forward?” and “What can we do to help it grow in the most sustainable way?”. 


At the end of the Summit, all participants created a Manifesto, stating their will to achieve better policies to increase sustainability in the field of tourism in our Mediterranean countries: 

-    Awareness on climate justice among the MED countries
-    Offer incentives to create a sense of ownership among all stakeholders
-    Use technologies to support policy instruments
-    Mitigate socio-cultural impacts trough empowerment of local communities
-    Build on MED identity to protect cultural heritage
-    Integrate awareness programs in education and information systems in environmental and cultural sustainability
-    Incentivising use and consumption of local products (foods and crafts)
-    Transfer knowledge in food and crafts production from generation to generation
-    Put the locals first ensuring quality of life and visitors will follow

As you can see, the Manifesto not only focuses on environmental sustainability, but also refers to the cooperation and involvement of local population, demonstrating how sustainability must be present on several levels: economic, social, and environmental.  

Throughout the day participants had the opportunity to listen representatives of Ministries, local authorities, entrepreneurs, civil society and organisations, from different Mediterranean countries, who discussed and proposed policy actions for a sound development of sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean region.

It was a great occasion to reinforce networking among sustainable tourism stakeholders and to build capacity by disseminating tools and practices.


 In addition to the 45 participants coming from the five countries involved in the project (Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Spain, and Tunisia), over 100 people followed the event via Zoom and were able to take part in the debates. 


Click here to watch a short recap of the event! and stay with us as RESTARTMED! will soon organize more Sustainable Tourism Summits in other MED countries! 


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