INTECMED in Egypt: Meet Egypt's mentees for innovative business ideas


Following INTECMED's call for innovative business ideas, 10 proposals were chosen to join INTECMED's Mentorship program, start their journey in developing their business ideas and compete for the three subgrants! Take a quick peek into their projects below!

  • Akhlad Alabhar, Founder & CEO of EGROBOTS

ERGOBOTS, the tree intelligence platform! This innovative idea focuses on providing farm owners with an affordable service for farm diagnostics using robotics and artificial intelligence, innovating traditional agriculture systems, and lowering farmers' resource consumption costs.

  • Dr Ahmed S. G. Khalil and Oscar Kayanja from E-JUST, creators of Point-of-Use (PES) Membrane Filter for Household Applications

The four-person team developed a low-cost point-of-use polyethersulfone (PES) membrane filter for household use. The filter will eliminate the risk of contaminated water in homes by providing affordable, simple-to-use water filtration devices made in Egypt.

  • Heba Saeed and Mohamed Saad, co-founders of KNZGlobal

Their main goal of optimizing resource use and maintaining green spaces serves as a road map for developing resilient green infrastructure. Their project uses IoT solutions to provide intelligent waste management for everyone.

  • Ibrahim Yousry and Victoria Timpe, founders of Littless

Littless will create high-quality, need-based, sustainable textiles and merchandise that can be recycled or upcycled, reducing textile waste in the environment and providing affordable products to lower-income families.

  • Dr Mohammed Hawwas, founder of Vooh

Vooh is a web-browser-based platform that allows teachers to replace their traditional paper assignments and quizzing process with an electronic one, providing tools to analyze students' performance and assist in their teaching plans.

  • John Nabil and Farah Mohamed, founders of NextGenCommunities

NextGenCommunities is a platform designed to connect the minds of students, young innovators, and entrepreneurs with market leaders to create new solutions and answer the question of what's next by providing a space for young minds to explore new technologies, learn new ideologies, gain market insights, and create new opportunities.

  • Mohamed Hamad, Amr Gamal and Salma Sami founders of Ozoris Technologies (OZTECH)

OZ-TECH is developing and offering smart solutions for the agriculture sector to help make work easier and smarter using technologies like IoT, robotics, and AI. The team established a prototype robot that can plant seedlings automatically without any human intervention during the process of insertion into the ground.

  • Rowan Al Mahdy, a scientific content creator

The team created a programme that will be broadcast on all social platforms, focusing on natural sciences and the environment by touring natural reserves and archaeological sites, explaining the species found there, their mythology and geomorphology. The goal is to increase people's awareness of the environment and climate change and their knowledge of new, difficult-to-reach places.

Super Fny is an educational institution founded in January 2016 in Alexandria, Cairo, Port Said, and Aswan to address the issues and challenges that technical and vocational education students, graduates, and professionals face.

  • Hazem Taha and Mahmoud Agamy are the creators for molasses citric acid production project

This project depends on the utilization of local resources, specifically molasses, which is used in the production of citric acid, which is typically imported. It will achieve four development objectives: substitution of imports - Eco-friendly economy and recycling - Production of biotechnological products - maximizing the project's local component.


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