ARTOLIO promotes education and sustainability in the event "The Future of Agriculture: Benefits and Opportunities"


The event "The Future of Agriculture: Benefits and Opportunities", held in April 2022, was part of the memorandum of cooperation of the Municipality of Edessa with the American Agricultural School, and in co-organization with the Artolio project and the Europe Direct of Central Macedonia and Perrotis College. It was coordinated by Dimitra Mitka, journalist and communications officer of Europe Direct Central Macedonia. I was held with the intention of underlining the importance using sustainable high tech in the field, and how it takes a part in the future of the sector. 

The ARTOLIO project was present through the participation of Kiki Zinoviadou, Associate Professor of the Food Technology department of Perrotis College and ARTOLIO partner. She elaborated on how to support small olive oil producers and olive millers, which is the ultimate objective of the ARTOLIO project. 

The event focused greatly on presenting new, innovative ways of modern production management, something most of the farmers seem to struggle with, and how to properly take advantage of the agriculture technologies without damaging the environment any further. Sustainability is, after all, as important as efficiency. To combine both is the final objective of those who work in the field. 

In essence, the points that were given priority were the cultivation practices for sustainable farms with reduced inputs —and a low carbon footprint— as well as the need to develop a new culture of collective effort and collaboration. Team effort is essential to the survival of the agricultural field, so a network of a well organized partnership is strongly advised and encouraged by all members of the project, considering the market is very demanding.