Sonia Falcó: "With InnovAgroWoMed, I had the opportunity to meet a very powerful group of women"


We talked to Sonia Falcó, one of the 35 students of the 'Semillas' training course (seeds in Spainsh), carried out by Jovesolides within the framework of the InnovAgroWoMed Project.  

This restless and curious young woman likes to spend her free time climbing, reading and activism. In this short interview she tells us about her InnovAgroWoMed training experience and her expectations.

How did you come to the "Semillas" training?

I was in a complicated situation with my previous company, I had just started to grow my own vegetable garden as a hobby and I had been thinking for a long time about the idea of doing more research on agroecology, as I am part of a couple of environmental groups and I have a strong awareness on this issue.
It was my parents who found out about the course and encouraged me to sign up.

What is the field in which you would like to develop professionally?

I would mainly like to go into this sector obviously. At first I thought I would focus more on field work, but given my experience in sales and commercial management, I would like to be able to continue developing professionally in this area in the future, but in a more ethical, egalitarian and conscientious environment such as organic farming, because I think that is where I could contribute the most.

Why are you interested in this sector and do you have any work experience?

I am interested because I firmly believe in organic farming, and that another way of working in agriculture is possible. Also, regarding the role of women in this sector, there is still a big gap and that is where we have to be.
I have no professional experience in agroecology, that's why I decided to take this course and chose to do my internship as an employee.

What do you see as the main difficulty for you when it comes to finding a job?

In my case, and as I mentioned before, I think it is mainly the lack of experience in the sector, and being a woman is also a handicap.

Why did you choose this option over the idea of entrepreneurship?

Because I am actively looking for a job and I think it is a good opportunity. It also allows me to learn as much as possible so that in the future and with different conditions, I can start a business.

Tell us about the "Seeds" training, the students have already completed more than 330 hours of training, what is your assessment?

In my case, the balance is more than positive. It is true that there have been some low moments, as in any long-term goal. But I have learned a lot and I have also had the opportunity to meet a very powerful group of women, very diverse, who contribute to me on a daily basis and, in short, we have created a network that I am sure will continue for a long time.

You benefited from a mentoring and coaching with experts from different fields, what did you expect from this part of the training?

I would like to get as much out of it as possible and to be able to learn more concrete mechanisms on how to approach my future career.