HELIOS promotes social inclusion actions in the region of Thessaly, Greece during a capitalisation workshop

Author: Vayia Kyratzouli, IED

On the 12th of July 2022, the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (IED), partner of HELIOS, held a capitalisation workshop in central Greece,in the city of Larissa. 

The aim was to share best practices and methodologies developed by HELIOS which are targeted to young people and women, and more specifically to their training on Blue & Circular Economy and their engagement in activities within their local community.

The event hosted two more ENI CBC Med projects, U-SOLVE and INVESTMED, to explore more training schemes and  actions that can contribute to the enhancement of target groups.

Representatives of Greek policy makers, local authorities, and TVETs (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) were invited and attended the workshop, exchanging their experiences and gaining knowledge from the outcomes of HELIOS activities for the development of new actions addressed to unemployed young people and women, with the goal of improving their employability and generally their position in society. 

The professional training of young people and women for career development in the Blue and Circular Economy, the methodologies used to improve and promote social inclusion policies in the Mediterranean and in Greece, and more specifically in Thessaly, and the search of new initiatives that could bring an added value to the existing materials and actions, were among the main topics that prevailed in the follow up discussion with all participants after the presentations of the projects.

Plans have also been made for the early implementation of strategies and practical measures in the region, with the intention of giving an early boost to employment processes and the training of young people.

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