GreenBuilding partners met in Jordan to improve the energy efficiency of the Greater Irbid Municipality building


The Greek and Spanish partners of GreenBuilding met in Irbid, Jordan, with the Jordanian partners, on July 14, 2022.

On this occasion, the three academic partners, namely: the BETA Technological Centre (BETA TC) of the Universitat de Vic, Spain, the University of Patras, Greece and the Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan, had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the Greater Irbid Municipality, Jordan, the building that is being refurbished thanks to ENI CBC Med Programme.



After the welcome of the Mayor of the Greater Municipality of Irbid, Dr. Nabil Ahmad Al Kofani, Mrs. Reham Jammal and Mrs. Shaima Jaradat, who manage GreenBuilding project activities for the Greater Irbid Municipality, showed the academic partners the progress of the pilot works and had the opportunity to discuss the next steps and the remaining work to complete the pilot actions.



Given this opportunity to meet in the premises of the Greater Irbid Municipality, the University of Patras discussed with the technical team on energy measuring devices for the implementation of the electronic tool that will monitor the energy consumption of the building. Thanks to the electronic tool that will be develop as part of the project, the building managers will be able to train municipal workers and actively involve them in improving energy efficiency.



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