U-SOLVE in Egypt announces the upcoming opening of its urban hub in Alexandria


On Tuesday, June 21, the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Egyptian partner of U-SOLVE, organized a session to further engage the community with the project. This session attended by experts and researchers from different sectors” around 5 to 10 persons” included a presentation and discussion of the project's objectives and upcoming activities, as well as the Academy's role in implementing the project for the development of the urban area in Alexandria's city in terms of reaching entrepreneurs, providing services, and spreading the project's activities to the broadest possible sectors.

Ms. Salma Essawi, the project manager in Egypt, addressed the project's role in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals by presenting  the in-depth studies that has been made and the results of the survey that was conducted last winter. She has also discussed the most highlighted needs extracted from the interviews that has the greatest impact on the urban development of Alexandria such as sustainable energy, urban food systems, blue infrastructure, and waste management as well as the role that entrepreneurs play in these fields through small and medium start-ups, emphasizing the importance of providing ways to incubate and develop local start-ups.

She also announced the project's upcoming activities in Egypt during the discussion, including opening “beginning of September” the "Urban Living Hub" in the city of Burj Al Arab in Alexandria to provide a supportive environment for the entrepreneurial climate and to become a centre for incubating creative strategies and ideas capable of achieving the project's goals.  In addition, a call for sub-grants will be released before the end of 2022 to support innovative businesses and encourage youth and women from various creative and cultural sectors to participate in the targeted urban areas.

It should be noted that this session is a collaborative session between U-SOLVE and NEX-LABS projects with the goal of exchanging information and knowledge and providing innovative solutions in the fields of food, agriculture, and water, as well as urban development projects and supporting companies for sustainable development in the Mediterranean.