The INTECMED mentorship programme for business ideas comes out in the Greek press


The press-release that has been published by the Chamber of Achaia - Lead Beneficiary of INTECMED, in reference to the 2nd Steering Committee of the project, which was the occasion for the inauguration of the Regional Facility Point in Tunisia, in the facilities of Technopolis of Borj Cedria city, drew the attention of the Greek press.  

The Chamber of Achaia presented INTECMED to Greek journalists, highlighting the project achievements up to now, the impact in the Mediterranean areathe next steps as well as the inauguration of the Regional Innovation Facility Point in Borj Cedria city, in Tunisia. The mentoring program for startups and new businesses are expected to be enhanced by the four Regional Innovation Facility Points-RIFPs, established and fully equipped by the project, in the four participating countries.  


We will soon disclose additional information regarding the next steps for the selected business ideas, stay tuned! 


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