Best Practices in Water, Energy and Food Nexus ecosystem in the European-Mediterranean Partner Countries Region mapped by NEX-LABS

NEX-LABS project

This document summarizes the key findings derived from the NEX-LABS project activities analyzing a series of best practices in the current Water Energy and Food (WEF) ecosystem in the NEX-LABS project partnering countries. 

This list of best practices is an essential ingredient for building a catalogue for the NEXUS ecosystem in the European - Mediterranean Partner Countries (EU-MPC) region.

The summarized findings were derived from a qualitative analysis approach that has been deployed to define the best practice per each country. 

The main observed findings show some commonalities and differences between countries regarding the status, focus, challenges, and competencies of the WEF ecosystem. 

Entrepreneurial orientation, digitalization, and sustainable innovations are common interests in every country. However, some countries are in a good phase with enough structural constituents of the ecosystem, like in Spain, Italy and Egypt, and now focusing on activating the current ecosystem components to move more entrepreneurial and agile towards addressing the WEF challenges. 

Other countries such as Cyprus, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Jordan are still in a reforming/transition phase of finding more ecosystem actors, issuing new legislation and policies or building national strategies for addressing WFE challenges. 

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