Discover the Med Pearls events - The Slow Tourism Forum Balqa Governorate, Jordan


Between the 10th and 13th of May 2022, the Slow Tourism Forum took place in Balqa Governorate, in Jordan. An event that counted with 40 participants and that hosted 16 partners, 4 speakers and 20 attendees (DMC & stakeholders & mentors). The event had 10 activities distributed during the three days where participants were able to engage in fruitful conversations and exchange knowledge.

Among all the activities, the following figures show an overview of the program for all the duration of the Slow Tourism forum. Here are the main activities that were carried during the visits to the beautiful country of Jordan:

  • Synergy meeting.
  • Showcases for MED Gaims.
  • Local lunch at local family and interacting with them.
  • Visited Um Qais archaeological site. 
  • Visited one of the Med Pearls pilot area  (Dier Alla/Jordan Valley). 
  • Visiting the second Med Pearls Pilot area in Jordan (As Salt). 
  • Baking Manakesh.
  • Homemade soup.
  • Traditional Wedding in Salt.  
  • Panel of Q & A during the slow tourism Forum. 

Furthermore, the main strengths of the event were:

  • The natural % archaeological sights.
  • Good experiences.
  • Local experiences.
  • Well organised very hospitality.
  • Panel discussion.
  • Personalised and effective management by Jordan team!
  • The slow tourism products.
  • Well organised and interesting programme.
  • Organisation and activities
  • Meeting and networking with such a diverse, and friendly, group of people, from all partner countries
  • The learning experience
  • New concept with friendly non-traditional people
  • Local experiences bring me more close to the culture of the host
  • The diversity of the program
  • The Fora both with other projects and from tourism experts



Overall, the event was very successful & useful for partners and stakeholders (Slow Tourism Forum allowed all project partners and stakeholders to share their experiences in sustainable tourism development and slow tourism). Inviting professionals from other ENI CBC MED projects enriched the meeting and helped the Med Pearls Project to be a connector for the ENI CBC MED projects working on tourism. The mix of local and Mediterranean information and experiences made the participants experience a perfect balance. In addition, the Steering Meeting was a very good opportunity to advance in the project key matters.


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