INTECMED inaugurates its Regional Innovation Facility in Tunisia and promotes its mentorship for business ideas


The 2nd Steering Committee of INTECMED took place on 23 and 24 May 2022, in Hammamet, Nabeul in Tunisia, where the CapBon Chamber of Commerce (Project Partner) was the host. The two-day meeting, which took place also in a hybrid manner, was attended by representatives of all partners from Greece, Tunisia, Spain, and Egypt.

For the Chamber of Achaia, the Board of Directors was represented by Mr. Tiligadis Aristidis, Vice President of the Chamber of Achaia, Mr. Vassilis Kalamaras and Mr. Karabet Saad, members of the Board of Directors. The INTECMED project team was represented by the Project Manager Mr. Kostas Giotopoulos, the Assistant Project Manager Mr. Sideris Stathis, the Financial Manager Mr. Christias Panagiotis and the Communication Manager Ms. Katsanta Danai.

During the meeting, an extended discussion took place regarding the progress status of the project, its achievements, and the impact in the Mediterranean area. At the same time, the upcoming actions were thoroughly discussed, including the way of organizing and execution of the Regional Innovation Transfer Exhibitions according to the model of the successful organization of PATRAS IQ, in Greece.

Moreover, special reference was made to the customized mentorship programmes for business ideas following the public Innovative Ideas Call in each involved region. The mentoring programs are expected to be enhanced by the operation of the four Regional Innovation Facility Points-RIFPs, established and fully equipped by the project, in the four participating countries.

In this framework, in Tunisia, during the stay of the project team, the inauguration of the Tunisian Regional Innovation Facility Center took place, while the representatives of the Chamber of Achaia had the opportunity to meet the people working there as well as to have a tour of the hub that was created, in the facilities of Technopolis of Bor Cedria city, under the responsibility of the National Research Organization of Tunisia (ANPR), partner of the project.

The whole corporate scheme was satisfied with the work of the 2nd Steering committee meeting, while as planned, the next Meeting of the project will take place in Alexandria, Egypt during the Fall of 2022.


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