MEDWAYCAP, the project that amazed the guests of the Water Expo 2022


The Water Expo 2022 exhibition, co-organized by the Centre of Water Research and Technology, was held at the headquarters of the Tunisian Union of Industry, Commerce and Handicrafts (UTICA) for two days on March 16 and 17, 2022 under the auspices of the Ministry in charge of Agriculture and Water Resources.
Water Expo 2022 was an opportunity to exhibit innovative projects, technologies carried out in the water sector as well as to share best practices, in particular taking into account climate changes and their impacts on national and international water resources.

MEDWAYCAP, being a cross-border project, which aims to adopt the reuse and management of non conventional water in the Mediterranean region through the promotion of sustainable strategies and innovative technologies, was invited to participate to convince - on scientific basis - of the importance of integration of non conventional water (NCW) as solution for the adaptation to the effects of climate change on the water resources. This was made possible to the Medwaycap team during the scientific event on water issues led by experts, academics, as well as public and private actors and civil society.

The visit to the Water Expo 2022 by the project team, which hosts a full range of the latest technologies and recent developments in the use and sustainable management of water resources, will allow their consideration in the initiated capitalization process and related to the uses of non conventional water. Indeed, the project essentially aims to integrate non-conventional water resources (NCWR) into the water governance system and explores investment and business opportunities within the framework of the circular economy.

The presence of the MEDWAYCAP project at the “Water Expo 2022” fair was really an opportunity to present its objectives and its activities to the multidisciplinary public. In the very first day, the Water Research and Technology Center set up a stand in which the Project Manager Safouen ALAYET presented the project to visitors, while flyers were distributed to those present. Similarly, during the second day, a second presentation of the project was made via projection on the main screen of the show where the project manager shared the progress of the project and one of the ongoing flagship activities, which is the development and implementation of an interactive platform for capitalizing on and transferring knowledge relating to the use of NCW.

The participation of the MEDWAYCAP project in the Water Expo 2022 exhibition was highly appreciated by everyone. A promising project which presents itself as essential for NCW valorisation in Tunisia and the Med region.

Available the agenda and the presentation of MEDWAYCAP project.