TECHLOG to launch a Web Collaborative Platform enabling (Trans)port Industry Collaboration and Technology Transfer


The TECHLOG project aims to strengthen research-industry links in the (trans)port sector by creating a permanent cross-border EU-Med space where research organizations and (trans)port industries can co-create, test, and share new Technology Transfer Initiatives based on advanced simulation technologies, as readers may already know. 

Among the project's key objectives is the establishment of two Living Labs to facilitate technology transfer between driving simulator research facilities and (transport) communities, which we will undoubtedly cover in future articles on this website.

Today, we'd like to focus on one component of the Living Labs that is currently under development.

In order to facilitate knowledge transfer and strengthen research-industry ties, the TECHLOG consortium is currently planning to release a web-based platform to support cooperation and exchanges of information and practices among the many innovation stakeholders.

This virtual collaboration platform will be built to be an open and inclusive open innovation environment, supported by a network of facilitators who accompany the participants in the use of the features and in the co-creation process and ensure a high quality level of contents.

The design of this platform has already started and will be released, in particular, exploiting the collaboration between the University of Cagliari, that will define features and Terms of Reference, and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut & Mount Lebanon, that technically will develop, release and maintain the platform.

Following these technical considerations, let us quickly define what this platform is by answering two simple questions.

What the web platform will do?

The platform is designed to facilitate collaboration and the exchange of information and best practices between "innovation users" and "innovation providers," both from the research and commercial worlds, as well as organizations in the port and road transportation sectors. It will be the technological tool that will support the activities of the project's two Living Labs, as well as the collaborative environment in which TECHLOG's beneficiaries can collaborate to facilitate technology transfer processes in the field of advanced training for port and trucking staff using driving simulators, and to strengthen the links between academia and industry.

Who will benefit from this Web Platform?

•    Economic operators in the port, transport and logistic sector;
•    EU-Med port and transport and institutions;
•    Port authorities;
•    Terminal operators;
•    Research subjects in the field of advanced simulation;
•    Dockworkers;
•    Truck drivers.

Do you see yourself in the previous list? Stay tuned and follow all of our updates on this website and our social media channels as TECHLOG develops something dynamic, interactive, collaborative and helpful for your business or organization!