ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM: organic is the model that preserves both the health of man and the environment


At the event "It's time for organic agriculture, a strategic resource to overcome the crisis" which was held in Rome on the 11th of May 2022, FederBio responds to the provocation of those who say that, faced with the threat of a global food crisis, it is necessary to abandon organic farming.

Organic farming, which improves local production and consumption circuits and protects biodiversity, can be one of the opportunities to ensure a satisfactory income and future for farmers.

In terms of yields, it is scientifically proven that organic farming yields are similar, if not higher, than conventional farming, which uses huge amounts of synthetic chemicals and water, compromising the fertility of the soil and jeopardising food production for future generations.

Organic is the model of food self-sufficiency that preserves human and environmental health. We cannot give up on organic farming; indeed, this is the time to invest in the agro-ecological transition.

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