MEDSt@rts, Greece: 14 young people became entrepreneurs thanks to inclusive finance


The Chamber of Achaia (Επιμελητήριο Αχαϊας), Greek partner of the MEDSt@rts project, succesfully completed the nomination of the business awards (grants) to its 14 local beneficiaries.

Through an extensive process of training and consulting support of the initially 25 business ideas, the final 15 evaluated business plans emerged with the creation of new Greek companies, all based (or created a new branch) within the Prefecture of Achaia.

The process of selection and maturation of the business ideas lasted a total of 18 months, reaching the point of the final selection of the best 15 ideas and financing 14 businesses (1 resigned voluntarily), at the end of last March. The new companies, born in sectors such as digital, agrifood and tourism, are: Aithra Premium Spirits, Rubik’s, Talent Miner,, Mōrēs, Flamigos, El Tucan, Irian, Fotakeli Design, Pivot, Έαρ Art Studio, Blocos, Souvenir and Enjoy The Spot.

The 14 grants awards consist of cash prizes of € 10.000 each, but also a wealth of knowledge transferred to the initially 25 teams through business consulting and improvement of personal (soft) skills, supplemented with a business seminar training program to the finally selected 15 business ideas.

After the financing, the Chamber has started the technical and financial monitoring of their activities, their support with specialized mentors and the provision of the possibility of new financing after the end of the project, by including them in a crowdfunding platform.