DECOST: The new Mayor of Anabta is informed about the composting pilot in Palestine

Tahseen Sayara

The DECOST project team in Palestine, from the Palestine Technical University-Kadoorie (PTUK), visited the newly elected mayor of Anabta Municipality, Mr. Fadel Al-Fuqha, to congratulate him on his new position and to present updates and progress of the project. Anabta, in the region of Tulkarem, is the town that is benefiting from the DECOST community composting pilot activity in Palestine, funded thanks to this ENI CBC Med project. The Palestinian pilot is working to introduce and spread around the region that composting can be a feasible strategy to deal with the management of all the urban organic waste produced in small towns

The Mayor expressed his interest in further cooperation with the PTUK team to continue the work, to ensure the success of the project. At the meeting it was agreed to start a new evaluation of the acceptance and behaviour of the home composting participants, accompanied by continuous site visits to ensure that the correct home composting procedures are followed. In addition, preparatory work for the community composting unit was discussed.