GIMED: Yaraismail, a luxury sustainable brand in Egypt with a dynamic story in the textile industry


As a luxury sustainable brand, Yaraismail tells a dynamic story with fabric and silhouette. This Egyptian-based start-up offers a multi-range of green initiatives such as the creation and use of naturally and botanically dyed textiles, which have a much lower environmental impact. The early-stage venture was selected among 40 other initiatives to receive training support in order to outreach, make synergies and network with other participants.

GIMED is helping me through support, growth and networking within a variety of green and sustainable businesses”, confirms Yara Ismail, the namesake brand designer, founder and Creative Director, graduate from Melbourne Fashion Institute in Australia. Reflecting on Ancient Egyptian history and craftsmanship, fabrics are hand dyed and hand printed using botanical elements hand-picked directly from nature.

According to the entrepreneur’s experience, the mentorship provided through Alexandria Business Association, the Egyptian partner of the project, were very valuable, specially in areas she lacked expertise. The fashion brand found its inspiration in the Kalasiris dress, a distinctive yet diverse Ancient Egyptian garment – pieces designed to be multi-functional, adapting to each one’s individuality and style.

Among its innovations, Yaraismail implements a zero-waste production process through upcycling leftover textiles, recycling sample textiles, production materials and ethical sourcing of raw materials. In their designs the brand offers a circularity and regenerative business approach through the consideration of the water and waste management systems. Besides, Yaraismail collaborates with various industries to further manage waste disposal.

“After setting up my company, I reached a stronger base in the Egyptian sustainable design market, as well as recognition from various entities, locally and regionally, such as in Vogue Arabia and BBC Arabia”, states Yara Ismail. The start-up was featured in Vogue’s Arabia 2020 Hope issue with cover celebrity Hend Sabri, and selected by the British TV in Arabia as one of the region’s spokespeople on sustainable fashion. Since it was launched in 2019, she also presented the S2 collection at Torino Fashion Week 2019 in Italy.