MEDWAYCAP fosters non-conventional water use thanks to an exhibition travelling around the Mediterranean. Be part of the crew!


The creative sector is playing an increasingly significant role in raising awareness of climate change and encouraging sustainable social, economic, and environmental practices worldwide. A growing number of artists, cultural organizations, and creative industries leaders are using their talents and resources to draw attention to issues, build will and agency for change, and devise innovative solutions to move us towards greater sustainability

Be creative! This is the objective beyond the objective! 

Talking about technical solutions for treating, reusing, valorising waste water and in general Non-Conventional Water Resources (NCWR) it seems a hard work! However, MEDWAYCAP project decided to face those issues and address the final beneficiaries, to be equipped with state-of-the-art knowledge on NCWR techniques, management, planning and skills to reuse at territorial level for domestic and agricultural purpose thanks to an itinerant Exhibition. 

The Euro-Mediterranean Centre for the Sustainable Development - SVI.MED, is in charge to draft with a creative approach this atypical way to transfer knowledge, reaching both the pupil and student, and the technicians and decision makers. 

It's an exhibition designed to travel through at least some project partners countries, such as Italy, Tunisia and Jordan. The core of the exhibition is a collection of NCWR proposed solutions, case studies and methodologies with a special focus on treated wastewater reuse. There will be ready-made prototypes and customized scale models demonstrating how some of the processes work (such as constructed wetlands system). The aim is to inform and to raise awareness engaging the visitors. The exhibition will include thematic modules contained in as many wooden crates, easy to recognize, to assemble and suitable to be shipped. The single modules are meant to be arranged among themselves and inside the exhibition space according to the needs of the host. The proposed solutions modules will be supported by videos, projections and sound scapes. There will finally be a module to collect and provide information about the project and the case studies. There will be the possibilities to leave feedbacks and suggestions, to record audio and video messages. During the exhibition there will be the possibility to run workshops, training activities or school projects, with visitors and students. 

WHY this exhibition? The main purpose is to facilitate general access and promotion of best practices, in unconventional ways, taking care for the user experience, for its educational value, as well for its "enjoyability". There will be a spot for relax and for playing. There will be some space for customization, a great opportunity to connect the project to the uniqueness of the local host to its resources. It will be a chance to foster synergies and collaborations. 

WHO is meant for? It is meant to be accessible and user friendly regardless of age and geographical and cultural environment. Contents accessibility will be improved through some immersive experiences, involving hearing, touching and tasting apart from seeing. There will also be space and time to relax, to feel the connection between water and life, to enjoy the pleasure of water. We will offer the possibility to customize the exhibition experience by integrating some contents and services from the local host, by running workshops and training activities.

It will be sent from place to place and the receiver has to be able to easily mount and dismount it. It will be flexible and SVI.MED. is studying the possibility to offer a number of customizable configurations to be adapted to diverse locations in shape and size. 

Before finalising the exhibition draft, SVI.MED. wishes to collect external contributions to enlarge the range of solutions, measures and innovation to be showed during the exhibition, according to the aim of the project MEDWAYCAP to foster NCWR at Mediterranean level. The exhibition will include already the measures proposed by the ENI CBC MED projects capitalised, such as AQUACYCLE, MEDISS, MENAWARA, NAWAMED, PROSIM. 

Do you have a solution, a case study a methodology to propose? Which module does your solution fit? 

Is it a ready-made prototype or a mock-up ready for delivering? 

Is it a process that is possible to present through a simple customized scale model?  

Is it a process or a practice that is possible to present through a 100 x 60 cm poster?  

Is it a process to present through audio-video media thank to the digital module? 

Do you have a proposal or suggestions for the other modules? 

We want to make the exhibition more engaging and more effective – submit your solutions here before the 13th of May and for further information contact Barbara Sarnari,