Med Pearls supports positioning Palestine on the Digital Tourism Map


Med Pearls has a strong ICT component, it focuses not only on Slow Tourism in the pure sense but also puts light on how technology can help create this new way of experiencing tourism.

With the development in the world of information technology and in the world of business and finance, it is necessary to work on developing the Digital tourism sector to suit the surrounding conditions, as well as to capitalize on the work create financial revenues. In this regard, the tourism sector is highly dependent on data, and with the presence of digital technology, it works on upgrading the infrastructure of the field, which helps to promote digital tourism, and create legislation that serves the tourism sector.

The digital transformation supports the tourism sector by being a powerful method in the process of revitalizing tourism in Palestine. The transformation relies on the fact that tourists use technology to check booking prices, do the traveling arrangements… In fact, technology is involved in all the traveling experiences, from planning to the tourist obtaining the visa, to entering the hotel… But technology also goes a step further and can be used not only to enhance tourism management processes but also to create a better user-experience and provide the possible tourist with information they may not be looking but can be useful to them (i.e. slow tourism best practices and activities to do).

Thanks to the Med Pearls Bridge Events, Med Pearls Palestinian partners have learned about the different possibilities that technology can offer the tourism sector. In this regard, it is important to mention that despite the presence of technological applications, digital tourism is not highly supported in Palestine. The cooperation allowed them to see the the importance of  keeping the pace with the latest modern technologies in tourism to help Palestinian tourism but it also allowed them to value the work that is currently being done.

In fact, the institutions specialized in digital tourism are working to rehabilitate and develop tourist and archaeological monuments to preserve them as a manifestation of Palestinian civilization. These institutions are also working to market these landmarks to tourists from all over the world, whether through websites on the Internet, or pamphlets and exhibitions held by Palestinian embassies, representatives and communities in various countries around the world.

Overall, thanks to the oportunities that Med Pearls offers, we believe that the project is constributing with information that help towards positioning Palestine on the Digital Tourism Map.

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