U-SOLVE in Greece invites young and women entrepreneurs to implement initiatives supporting Sustainable Development Goals in urban context


IED institute and e-Trikala hold an event to present U-SOLVE project to the public on the 5th of April 2022 where they discussed the following:

  • The core of U-SOLVE project;

  • Who is involved;

  • The beneficiaries;

  • The benefits;

  • The scouting method with which we will select the participants.

U-SOLVE will establish a supporting process devoted to young and women innovative entrepreneurs with both local impact and high growth potential, to boost the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in urban contexts

Through U-SOLVE project, we want to help startups with a business idea, or entrepreneurs with an ongoing business, who want to implement the development of the UN’s SDGs in Greece.

If you own a company or have a start-up idea; if you are aiming for the implementation of one of the SDGs; if you are between 18-35 years old, or you are a woman; if you are in Greece; and if you are interested in learning more about U-SOLVE, complete this survey where you can express your interest. 

In the next months, we will proceed with the selection phase, in which key actors and the local ecosystem will be engaged, aiming to connect you at cross-border level. Your idea may be one of the few selected in Greece!

Let us boost your startup idea or company, which will become a pilot experiment for all the urban development potentialities within Greece. 

This is a great opportunity to receive training, mentorship, tutorship, and soft skills from senior experts and entrepreneurs.

Be part of the change.