DECOST: demonstration activity about composting in American School of Beita, Palestine

Tahseen Sayara

As part of its dissemination and divulgation programme in Palestine, the team responsible for the implementation of the pilot in this country has continued with its formative actions in schools. On this occasion, the Palestine Technical University Kadoorie researchers visited the American School of Beita, where they gave an introductory session on composting as an urban organic waste treatment system, and also delivered some composting units to the school. This will allow the school's students and teachers to put into practice composting processes in their own facilities. 

Some days before, some students had volunteered to collect food wastes from the school, to be used in the practical lessob about how to operate the composting unit. They have been organizing participatory activities to spread awareness among students about food waste management, through short presentations, to push for the adoption of a higher environmental awareness in the whole school.

Hence, students have been aware of the current procedure of solid waste management in Palestine, and the resulting negative effects on the environment and made a comparison with the positive effects of the DECOST project and its composting pilot, in which composting is applied to deal with all the organic fraction of urban waste in some towns.