Peach trees blooming in Med Pearls Imathia pilot area of Greece


The awakening of nature takes place in the plain of Imathia, where the unstoppable nature magically transforms the landscape with thousands of blooming peaches, composing a natural artwork of incomparable beauty. We want to share with you the unniqueness of one of the Med Pearls pilot areas.

Impressive pink peaches, in a vast plain full of colors that magnetize the eye. The unique setting in Imathia Pilot area becomes every year a pole of attraction for tourists and locals. The exceptionally beautiful natural phenomenon of flowering in Imathia lasts about 20 days, every March, and has nothing to envy from the famous blossoming cherries of Japan. There are many couples around the world who want to visit the area, as the peach blossoms symbolize rebirth and fertility.


In Eastern tradition, the peach is considered "the Tree of Life in Earthly Paradise" that provides people with life and joy. And as the fertile plain of Imathia is transformed into a vast pink sea, from the thousands of blooming peaches, it provides also the locals with its valuable goods. The waters of mount Vermion gave fertility to the plain and with the combination of effective agricultural and arboricultural practices have endowed the city of Veria, the capital of Imathia, with affluence and prosperity.


At a time when gloomy reality and unpleasant events abound, Veria has the unique privilege of living its own Renaissance every spring. Blooming peaches defy the pandemic and welcome Spring, sending an optimistic message to all of us.

And since images are worth a thousand words, here we leave you with a video.

Visit Imathia and experience your own rebirth!


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