HELIOS involves more than 3 000 young people and women in the employment needs analysis

Authors: Croce Monica Segretario, Valerio Li Puma

The HELIOS analysis on the employment needs of young people and women conducted during the project activities is now available.

Thanks to this research you will have an up-to-date frame of the employment situation of young people and women in the Mediterranean region.

In fact in order to foster the social inclusion in the Mediterranean countries, HELIOS project carried out a research about the currently job needs of NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) between 18 and 30 years old and unemployed women (without limits of age).

The goal of this study was to highlight up-to-date information in order to design Blue and Circular Economy training courses tailored to the real employment needs of the future participants.

The report was carried thanks to the engagement of 3709 young people and women from Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Greece, Palestine and Jordan.

Through the compilation of questionnaires it was possible to collect valuable data, now available for all and especially for other projects, organisations, TVETs and public authorities that aim to foster a more inclusive and green future in the Mediterranean basin.

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