SIRCLES project contributes to promote equality between women and men


This article was written on the occasion of the International Women's Day s 2022.

When analyzing the statistics of countries and nations around the world, and especially the partners countries of SIRCLES project, the numbers show that up until this date, despite the progress made in placing the laws and regulations to protect women and their rights, they still face many obstacles. Whether in their everyday life or in the workplace, women still find themselves at a disadvantage in comparison with men. Unemployment rates among women are always higher compared to men, noting that Greece and Palestine have the highest women unemployment rates in Europe and the Middle East (21.3% and 41.2% respectively).

                          Statistics in SIRCLES implementing countries 

In an effort to empower women, the implementing partners of SIRCLES project in the different countries work on ways to promote equality and social inclusion. One of which is to train women and men equally on circular economy and composting, through theoretical and practical training courses to gain experience and for a chance to find employment in the green field.

Nisrine, trainee in Lebanon, considers that since many of the women participants are housewives, they must be aware of the skills in order to change their habits and how they handle waste. In addition, this training allows them to pass this information on to their children and close ones and start the effective change. In Spain, Yajaira and Yudit in Vila-seca believe that “today the information is accessible everywhere. We know that our behavior with waste is harming people and the planet, but this knowledge must be put into practice.”

Although progress towards equality has been made, all women participating in the trainings believe that it is not enough. Eliane, trainee in Lebanon said: “We still live in a patriarchal society, and that is the issue. We must change the way we think, men should know that they and women are two peas in a pod.” Also, women should not be afraid to speak up.

SIRCLES project aims to achieve change and promote social inclusion. Sawsan Qudsi, project manager at House of Water and the Environment in Palestine, SIRCLES project partner, encourages women at work to always speak up without hesitation or fear of judgment, arguing “I believe that creating a healthy and comfortable environment at work for women to share their insights and knowledge, reflects on the outer community too and has positive impacts on achieving the vision of the organization.” In addition, she stressed on the fact that conducting awareness campaigns and workshops can have a major impact and can contribute to achieving equality.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the SIRCLES project partners would like to salute all women around the world, commend them for their sacrifices and struggles, and pledge to do all that is in their power to #BREAKTHEBIAS!